10 Irritating Things Every Landlord Has to Say

Anyone who lives alone knows that the landlord is the only thing standing between them and happiness. Some landlords have such a terrible influence on your life that they often haunt in your nightmares. Living alone means dealing with a horrible strange landlord! There are a few of us who are fortunate enough to have good landlords and landladies, but for the most part, they irritate us! Here are 10 vexing questions that landlords often ask tenants.

10 Irritating

‘’Ek tareek tak Rent de dena’’

“Dawood, calm down! I’m familiar with the process of renting a home!”

‘’Zyaada shor mat karna. Aas paas families rehti hai’’

“That’s okay. I’m going to cover my whole house in cotton, wear cotton slippers, and soundproof it. Is it all right if I do that?”

“Itne saare dost kahaan se aa gaye?”

“Do you mean geographically or existentially when you say that?”

‘’10 baje ke baad allowed nai hai bahar jana’’

“You do realize I’m not 12 years old right?”

‘’Kam shor kiya karo. Padosi shikayat kar rahe thhe’

Invest in a pair of earplugs. Give it to these so-called sensitive-ear neighbors!”

“kal raat tum aye nai? kab aogye atleast kiski ko bta ke jao”

“I had a meeting with Hitler’s phantom. He demanded that I remind you of his wishes for you to carry on his legacy!”

‘’Male Friends allowed nai hai! Sareef log rehte hai yahaan pe pata hainaa?’’

“Are these people, by any chance, from the 1700s?”

‘’koi maansaahaaree nahin khayega! hum keval shaakaahaaree chaahate hain!’’

Eh can’t control the smell when cooked?

‘’Beta, woh thoda furniture rakhwaana tha, tumhare yaahan rakhwa doon?’’

“Uhe! helloo! I leased it as my residence, not as your goddamn storage facility!”

‘’Kitne nightout karte ho mahine me..’’

“I’ll start counting from this month onwards.”

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