Moving into a dorm room with a stranger can be daunting, but it almost always works out for the best, and you earn a lifelong friend! However, there are a few instances where folks recall some rather bizarre roommate stories from their freshman year. These are some telltale signals that indicate your roommate is most likely the psychopath you suspect!


They steal/use your stuff behind your back.

This is a regular occurrence among psychopaths who live in shared houses, where several strangers live together at the same time. They are conceited and entitled individuals who believe they can do anything they want, whenever they want. This is really concerning, particularly if you confront them about psychopath and they continue to do so.

They’re passive aggressive.

This is just the worst in general, but I’d be worried if their passive aggressive behavior gets to ridiculous levels.

 They expect way too much

Living with a stranger necessitates compromise, so be wary if they expect you to be entirely silent for their questionable 6 p.m. bedtime.

They don’t talk to you at all.

There was no sound, like dead silence. Not only is it ridiculously embarrassing, but it’s also completely abnormal- at the very least say hello!

They’re either really happy or miserable, there’s no in between.

It can be unsettling to live with someone who seems to only know two personality extremes, whether they are enraged because they spilled coffee on the floor or creepily pleased for no apparent reason.

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