7 Benefits of PG accommodation

Many people believe that PGs are more comfortable than rented apartments and flats for a variety of reasons, as we’ve discussed below, and in today’s column, we’ll discuss the advantages of staying in PG accommodation. There are major benefits to PG or co-living accommodations that you should be aware of. In fact, the benefit of PG accommodation is that you do not have to pay an exorbitant amount for an apartment or house rental, especially in large Indian cities where the cost of living is already a difficult nut to crack when it comes to surviving a month.

PG accommodation


When compared to investment property in a huge number of major places such as Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, and so on, paying guests are quite reasonable. For the most part, PGs on lease start at INR 5k/month for the best ones that include food.

Another home away from home

Paying guest accommodations are a dream come true for outstationers looking for more than simply a place to stay, but also for individuals who share their values and can become family. The best perks of PG’s include the pavement of friendships between roomies and PG mates, which later beautifully convert into 2 am emergency helplines, which is why they say, ‘keep your friends close, keep your PG mates closer!’ because they are ultimately the ones who are always at your doorstep to make you feel comfortable and happy.

Decision Maker

The concept of PG’s as a whole connects to the idea of living a “independent life.” Teenagers after 12th grade who are attempting to carve out their own routes toward independence are always enthralled by the prospect of living in a PG. You have the freedom to make decisions that you would never make when living with your family.

Budget Masters

Apart from all of this, self-reliance and responsibility become extremely important when one has to be the master of all laundry, daily expenses, additional food, transportation, and so on. In a nutshell, PG children become ‘budget masters’ because they eventually develop the habit of spending according to the amount they receive or earn.

Food is life

The primary argument for choosing PG over a hostel is, of course, the cuisine. Yes, some hostels offer nice food, but most pgs today feature a full menu of four meals. While nothing beats ‘ghar ka khana,’ the food provided in pgs is fairly delicious and akin to home cooked food, and because there are fewer people in pgs than in hostels, the food menu and quality can be negotiated.

Time is Money

Also, pg accommodation saves time and money. Consider the plight of du north campus students who commute daily from places like Sonipat or Gurugram. Apart from the time commitment, one cannot overlook the exhausting process of travelling by metro and rickshaw, whereas students living in pgs near the college can simply walk or take an e-rickshaw, saving both time and money.

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