Best Alternatives for Website Ranking and Traffic Analysis

The news of’s demise is making the rounds on the internet. On May 1, 2022, Amazon announced that Alexa, its website traffic statistics service, would be shut down. They’re most likely planning to use the domain for Alexa, Amazon’s speech assistant. Whatever Amazon intends to do with the domain, the traffic statistics service is clearly shutting down. Many publishers and digital marketers used to use best Alexa to check the traffic ranking and data of their websites. The tool was also helpful in analyzing the website of a competitor.

In case you are looking for alternatives for Site Info Tool, here is the list of working tools.

Best Alexa

What is

Alexa Internet, the web traffic research company behind the website, was founded in April 1996. Amazon bought the website three years later and has been operating it ever then. Things are changing, though, as Amazon has announced that will be retired on May 1, 2022. On December 8, the corporation ceased selling new subscriptions, however existing users will have access until May 1 of the next year.



Semrush, a popular content marketing platform with sophisticated capabilities for website analysis and SEO, was established in 2008.Semrush can be used to check a website’s organic and paid search engine traffic. The application crawls a large number of pages on the internet and aids with search engine optimization. The programme can also be used to conduct keyword research.


Best Alexa

A fantastic online analytic tool for checking the traffic statistics of any website. If you’re looking for a simple website traffic comparison tool, you should give Similarweb a shot. Similarweb allows you to see the global, country, and category rankings of any website you want, as well as engagement and traffic analytics by area.
You can also compare the rankings and engagement rates of your immediate competitors. If comparing website traffic was your key use case for, you should explore Similarweb as a viable alternative.


Best Alexa

Ahrefs is another well-known brand in the digital marketing world, and among SEO specialists, it’s a preferred alternative to Alexa. This programme may be used to optimize your website, analyse how it compares to competitors, research keywords, track site rankings, and more.

Moz Pro

Best Alexa

Moz Pro is a full-featured SEO suite that includes a link explorer, keyword explorer, and rank tracker, among other features. A crawl tool has also been developed by the company to uncover content concerns that could benefit from optimization on your website. While Moz Pro isn’t an exact match (or alternative) for, it does offer a number of useful tools for optimizing your site and tracking its rankings.


Best Alexa

Spyfu is another alternative worth checking out. Spyfu allows you to track your keyword rankings, look up organic competitors, see competitor PPC keywords, look up competitor backlinks by phrase, and much more.

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