Guide to Coliving With an Extrovert or Introvert

Lack of Communication

Most often our communication patterns determine how well we’re getting along in any relationship guide to co-living.Open communication about your personality and preferences will help your flatmate understand everyday situations and respond well.You are both at the same time with an offer and welcoming response would also lead to avoiding tensions.Although one may choose to have a party at home because of their personality as a ‘social butterfly,’ knowing how you feel about it may help him / her plan a social when you’re on a night shift or a night out.

Do things together

Taking time to do things together will help to understand a person’s personality for the ‘why’s.’Every once in a while, being a part of the party scene of your extroverted flatmate, can give you an insight into how people derive their energy.

Keeping an extroverted friend’s company when you’re sitting to relax with a book or playing your music could also help your flatmate understand how you’re having adventure in the room’s cozy atmosphere.These acts offer insights which often fail to do words.

Respect your differences

Understand that to be “right” flatmate you don’t have to be exact clones of each other.You may not really have anything in common.They may be more outgoing or be easier to develop relationships,and they may have different needs and ways of doing things. That’s totally okay.Try to find the differences in the light. In doing so, you might learn more about yourself.Think of it as a opportunity for you to expand your comfort zone,find solutions and share some amazing experiences you might otherwise have missed on.

Set a time to hang out

It may be beneficial to schedule a date to hang out with each other once or twice a month.You may of course have impromptu hangouts or schedule them more regularly, depending on what you are comfortable with.Get creative: watch a film, cook dinner together or just spend time in the same room, co working or on your phones to guide to co-living.

Extroverts prefer to draw energy from compliments from strangers. It’s not just looking for attention,it’s actually how they’re programmed to be.They feel cozy with kind words and an affectionate embrace.Happy flatmates build a positive echo around your space and nothing better than an extrovert happy to live around.

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