How to Prepare Your House for Navratri

The first task that springs to mind when thinking of Navratri preparations is “cleaning the home and clearing up the mess.” We’ve compiled a list of responsibilities in this post to make it easier for you to maintain your home tidy so you can meet the Goddess in peace. Prior to Navratri, do you want to bring joy into your home? Realize it! It may seem like a nightmare to remodel your house for Navratri, or the nine nights of celebration, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. Here are some helpful tips if you’re wondering how to keep your home tidy and clean before Navratri.

Tidy Your Home Thoroughly

As you are aware, Mother Durga is the personification of strength and will only enter houses that radiate a positive aura. If your house isn’t kept up, how can you expect it to radiate pleasant energy? by thoroughly cleaning your house, such as by vacuuming, mopping the floors, cleaning the windows, clearing the clutter, and so on. By doing this, your house will appear friendly to both Mother Durga and guests in general.

Clean your Puja Room

The most important part of your home, the puja room or temple room, is cleaned next. As the nine-day festival begins, this is where the Goddess Durga deity will be erected. Maintaining the cleanliness of the Durga idol is another crucial issue. If the idol is made of metal, clean off any dirt and dust that have formed on its surface right away. One can make use of specialty cleaning products that are sold on the market. On a moist cloth, sprinkle baking soda for the finest cleaning results. Due to its very mild abrasiveness, baking soda works best at cleaning dirt without harming your idol.

Clean Your Dishes

Before Navratri, do you want to instil enthusiasm in your home? Believe it! During Navratri, many of us enjoy making sabudana khichdi since it is quick, simple, and delicious, and it goes well with the festival’s fasting habit. The plates used to consume this dish can be difficult to clean once they have dried. As sabudana dries, it starts to stick to the plates and bowls. Cleaning them could be challenging if they aren’t submerged in water for a period of time.

The bathroom

The poor bathroom is a clear indication of unsanitary living. Make it a point to clean the bathroom once a week. To clean the toilet and sinks, use disinfectants. The floor also has a role in the cleanliness and aesthetics of your bathroom. Clean the floor and spray pesticides at the opening where the water goes out while also using disinfectants.

Clean Your Clothes

Do you plan to prepare sabudana vada for the Navratri holiday? They’re wonderful, but they’re also deeply fried, and despite our best efforts, mistakes still occur. Don’t freak out if you accidentally spill oil on your clothes while preparing the delicious sabudana vada. Apply a top grade stain remover after blotting up as much of the oil as you can using a cloth. Simply read the label to make sure you’re using it safely and properly, and test it on a little, barely detectable spot to make sure. Then, for best results, wash the item in hot water with your preferred detergent in the washing machine.

What to Do Following the Festival- Get ready for Dussehra

Another festival, Dussehra, occurs on the 10th day of Navratri. During this time, a lot of people will carefully clean their home. it’s simpler than it seems. You might go to the store and purchase some cleaning wipes or a spray.

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