How to stay safe if you are living in a Co-living

If you live with Flatmate, you will not always agree on certain issues that affect everyone concerned, and housekeeping seems to be one area that can cause friction. Here are a couple of tips for people living in shared apartments, co-living spaces or share rooms with others. During these times, remaining in a shared community is difficult, and nothing can be done but to preserve personal hygiene and follow safety procedures, to keep you and others safe.

Talk about it

Have a meeting at your house and discuss what every of you is doing to avoid spread. This may include explaining what everyone does separately, as far as social distancing is concerned, and a house plan. Have an open and frank discussion about your feelings about socializing housemates outside the house, and be truthful about the possible risks about bringing germs into the house if your housemates are not social distancing.



Clean your hands after touching someone else, or a common surface. Clean your hands before and after touching, or making food. Place a sanitizer right at the entrance of your apartment. Throughout the lockout many people started enforcing this practice. Clean your hands after you have used the toilet. Wash your hands and also sanitize after having coughed, sneezed or blow your nose. Wash your hands and also sanitize from being out, when you get home.


Clean frequently

To maintain a safe atmosphere, keep your apartment tidy, clean and organized also be sure to wash all the dishes and utensils you are using thoroughly (dishwasher only, sanitize setting only), and after using them, you can even use disinfecting wipes to wipe off counters and kitchen supplies. High-touch surfaces such as counter-tops, tabletops, doorknobs, nightstands, bathroom fixtures, toilets, refrigerator handles, kitchen faucets, light switches, TV remotes, cell phones, computer keyboards and tablets need to be disinfected frequently with solutions containing about 75% alcohol.


Close the garbage

All trash cans, both outdoor plastic garbage cans and waste baskets in the lobby, should have operating lids that should be kept closed. Nobody wants to pick up used tissues that have fallen on the ground or should be forced into them.


Physical Distance

Co-living and social distance certainly do not go hand in hand, but there are some extra precautions that you can take when co-living to prevent COVID-19 contracting. Just because you’re all living in the same house doesn’t mean you all have to hang out in the same room together. Many Outside bedrooms have their own desks — ideal for calling or working in a concentrate. Avoid hugs and handshakes. Binge-watch movies, talk about your day, help each other whenever possible, but do all of this while avoiding physical contact as much as you can.


And those were all the hygiene habits you have to observe while you’re living with your FlatMate.

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