It’s Christmas time!! Awesome decor ideas for the season

Christmas is almost here. It’s time to be happy, to be cheerful. After all, Christmas is all about spending quality time with family and friends at the house. It’s really not that difficult to turn your living area into a beautiful wonderland this year with a little imagination. Here are our tried-and-true Xmas decorating suggestions to keep things sleek and beautiful while staying true to luxurious tradition.


Deck the halls

The tree, of course, is the ultimate Christmas show stopper! The tree epitomises the Christmas spirit, standing tall and crowned with a gleaming golden star or delicate-winged angel. Don’t deviate from tradition this year; instead, go all out and adorn it with eccentric and distinctive Christmas decorations. Family photo ornaments, handmade felt hanging decorations, and hand-painted wooden and glass baubles will elevate and personalise your tree.

Paper advent garland

This Christmas advent calendar may be made in a matter of minutes. Simply attach little paper bags holding small gifts or chocolates to a tree with varied lengths of ribbon, and number each bag. If desired, decorate the branch with colorful string or paint and hang it on the mantelpiece or on the wall.

Sun made out of straws

This is also a fun activity for kids to participate in. Take a DIY ring and cover the front with flowered paper. Fold and bond the sides of the ring to make it easier to remove the embellishment later. Half of the straws should now be cropped to a shorter length. Place the longer and shorter straws on the ring’s sides in a random order. In a drawing, they should resemble the sun’s rays. After you’ve finished the straw sun, tie a ribbon around the back of the craft ring to hang it.

Decorate the front door with flowers

Isn’t it true that your guests must be in the Christmas spirit the moment they walk through the door? Why not begin your Christmas decorations with adorning your front door? Prepare to adorn your front door with colorful wreaths, garlands, tiny trees, ribbons, ornaments, and LED lights. You can choose styles and colors that complement your home’s general decor and colour scheme. Also, for that perfect holiday air, place gorgeous plants and wrapped present boxes at the entrance.

Don’t have a bigger hall?

Don’t worry if your living room is too small to handle a large Christmas tree. A tabletop tree or a tree in a jar are always options. Minimalistic and enjoyable! When wrapping gifts for stacking under the tree, stick to a colour scheme — you may go with traditional Christmas colors or go for something a little odd to amp up the kitsch quotient!

Don’t forget the stairs

Why leave the stairs when the entire home is gleaming with stars, glitter balls, and fairy lights? Garnish the lovely stairwells with green bushy wreaths, tiny stars, and snowflakes.

Snowball wreath

This is one of the most simple Christmas crafts that you can do at home. Collect a variety of thermocol balls in all sizes and arrange them around the wreath in a random order. To complete the look, tie a large red ribbon bow.

Christmas Mementos

Decorate your home with some adorable Christmas ornaments. To give it a Christmas vibe, scatter some miniature snowmen and bells throughout.

We hope you have a lot of pleasure decorating your home for the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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