Microsoft Teams VS Zoom

The use of video chats apps and services has surged in the wake of coronavirus outbreak quarantines, lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders. A lot of people are now working from home, so meetings in person have gone digital. Microsoft has just introduced new features for the Teams to challenge the supremacy of Zoom when more people are working from home. Now, with new features for free users that could knock Zoom right out of the park, Microsoft just made its Teams video conferencing service even better.

Here’s how the two video chat and conference apps compare — especially in light of the recent security and privacy issues that Zoom has faced.

Comparing the two

No more Messy Background: Time for some Branding

The first new feature of the Teams is the ability to use your own logo or icon as a backdrop, or to use one of Microsoft’s many custom backgrounds. Teams already had the ability to blur your background so when you’re on a job call, people can not see that messy home office.

Scheduled Meetings

With the ability to schedule meetings too, the free Microsoft Teams option beats Zoom because the latter only offers free video chats for up to 45 minutes. While some people may be grateful of this for work calls, it means those who teach over Zoom have to open a paying account if they need to be online for more than 45 minutes. Meanwhile, those using Zoom to chat to friends will often have to call back in after 45 minutes — annoying to say the least.

Security and Data Privacy

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that Zoom’s been going through quite a difficult time. After a surge in “Zoom bombing,” privacy scandals and news that video chats are available online to anyone to see, the firm has been under fire from all angles. Microsoft has just given Zoom a new blow by publishing a blog that supports the security and privacy credentials of its competing video conferencing company, Teams.

In Our POV : Microsoft Teams is better

Microsoft Teams is the best video conferencing program especially if you’re working from home. That is attributed to the recent Zoom vulnerabilities and breaches of security combined with how many governments and companies are banning its use. While this may be an convenient chance for Microsoft Teams to take the top spot, Teams deserve to be the best based on their own merit. This video conferencing program integrates with most Microsoft office applications to support all participants in the best collaborative experience. You can share files outside the Teams app, and then use the video conferencing program to check in quickly. But it’s also a great tool to build teamwork exercises and important conference calls. Microsoft Teams allow you to have an Office 365 membership, and certain services, such as call-in support, are only available at an extra cost and with the highest priced business plan from Microsoft.

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