Top IT Companies in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of India’s biggest IT-exporters. It is one of India’s fastest growing metropolises. After Bangalore, India’s second leading information technology city, Hyderabad, also known as ‘Cybrabad,’ there are hundreds of IT companies providing services worldwide. Hyderabad’s culture is a combination of the mannerisms of the settlers who have come here from all over the country. Therefore, this brings diversity in language, lifestyle and tradition.


Accenture India is the first company located in Pune. In India the company has many branches such as Bangalore , Mumbai, New Delhi, etc.

Top IT Companies

Accenture in India Realizing measurable outcomes for their customers through creative thinking and innovative ideas, Accenture in India provides a wide range of financial, consulting, digital, technology and operations services.


One of Bangalore’s most loved companies, the work culture of the company is intensely innovative and largely focused on providing great customer experience.

Top IT Companies

Amazon also has development centers in Hyderabad besides Bangalore. Also embracing diversity and inclusion, Amazon workers receive benefits such as holidays and paid time-off, health care plans, home and maternity leave job choice, and paternity leave. Amazon India has managed to gain a large market share in India.


Deloitte is a network of multinational trade services Deloitte is a leading global provider of audit and insurance, consultancy, financial consultancy, risk consultancy, tax and related services.

Top IT Companies

Though Deloitte is regarded as an accounting firm. Deloitte has offices in Gachibowli, Kothaguda, Madhapur, HITEC City.


One of the top-rated companies in Electronic City, India, which originally emerged in the software industry. The company offers benefits such as paternity and maternity leave, health insurance and regular on-the-job training, proving that employee satisfaction and happiness are crucial elements for the organization.

Top IT Companies

They have numerous offices in Bangalore and other major cities in India with one of the largest being the Bangalore campus.

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